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Come see the low priced auction merchandise and find great deals on used vehicles, business equipment, cars, computers, musical instruments, military surplus, office furniture, military goods, trucks, office equipment and other products. Register for free and make your bids on quality merchandise at below wholesale prices today.

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So much good merchandise is being sold for pennies on the dollar. With the poor economy there is a record number of seized and repossessed cars and goods being auctioned everyday. See our auction listings and find out where the government auctions are held near you. There is also a great amount of surplus goods, liquidation items, military surplus and much more. See for more details.

So much is available in these government auctions. Everything from technology products like computers, stereos, cell phones to high performance vehicles such as sports cars, motorcycles, ATVs and speed boats.

Find fantastic deals on repossessed and seized vehicles which are now owned by the government. The only way for the government to make money from this merchandise is to sell these items on auction. Auctions which are available to the public. Yes that means you and me. We can all check out the cheap merchandise and bid on these products.

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